Close to CanaryWharf

Yes…only 20mins stroll to Canary Wharf DLR station, and 30mins walk passing all the high towers, including HSBC Bank before entering the Underground station.  Huge the station may be but not recommended to use due to high traffic volume especially before and after office hours RUSHhhhh… Canning Town station is still a better choice for … More Close to CanaryWharf

Cheap Apartments?

Well..the shocking truth is, YES you can get it CHEAP but it usually is UNFURNISHED. This is normal UK standards. Not even curtains, or the bare necessity. So beware, if you want to look for cheap whole property to rent.  No cooker, no fridge .. This apartment comes with a MINI fridge. Built-in. And then, … More Cheap Apartments?

E3, Bow Common Lane

Beside the canal. That  is where this property sits ..Basement carpark available for rental at 80 pounds per month.  For Futher details, What’s app me : +6016 9792468. I wish you a pleasant, honest, enriching encounter with LONDON.  Visit guides, tips are available. What’s app me.


For those who pants …need toilet, food, drink, books, computer, all within arm’s length reach, this is the place for you !!  NO hidden corners for things to hide away, you save time, searching for things – “WHERE did i put my stüff? ” Box organisers, shelves are all provided in this apartment for your … More 3 steps CONVENIENCE

MILE END station

Ten minutes walk if you prefer the exercise. Or simply buy the oystercard for cheaper travel cost on bus/tube. Buy 7 day pass, 14day pass, 21 day pass or 30day pass for greater transport savings, unlimited rides on buses/underground tube. Wake-up to sounds and sights of BIRDS, SWANS, ducks swimming in the canal …it is … More MILE END station

Bus stops in FRONT

Almost in front of the block – travelling into or out of LONDON can never be more convenient. Underground tube to/from airport, in/out of city …no need to call cab, or even UBER …just take the bus which stops at underground stations.  If without luggages, use MILE END station Central line stop, that would be … More Bus stops in FRONT